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gold quatrefoil lanterns are my fave

December 2, 2011 // 12 Comments

I came across the idea for these lanterns in some family magazine at my doctor’s office which I now can’t recall because let’s face it, I was killing time and forgot to sneak it into my purse on the way out. Update: Thanks to Olivia, I now know that the lanterns I came across were from Suzonne for Family Circle. I also need to thank Brenna for sacrificing her fingers to put these together.

To make your own you’ll need:
– an aluminum sheet (found at Home Depot – they come in several different shapes and a few different colors)
– 20 gauge pliable wire
– tin scissors
– pliers

Using the tin scissors, cut the aluminum to the desired size. Use a cylinder object (a cup or can of oatmeal works great) and wrap the cut sheet around to shape. Connect sides by tying with wire, and use pliers to tighten.

I think a whole row of these on the mantel would look so pretty lit up with candles.

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festive treat boxes are my fave

December 14, 2011 // 22 Comments

Aluminum foil or plastic wrap boxes are the perfect shape for a row of packaged treats.

To make your own you’ll need:
– empty aluminum foil boxes (buy them at the dollar store)
– wrapping paper
– tissue paper
– round metal brads
– twine

Cut off the sharp edge from the boxes so nobody gets hurt. Wrap all the way around with holiday paper and line the inside with tissue. Fill with treat of choice like tangerines, whoopie pies, or meringues. Line up one brad on the lid and another one on the front of the box and poke and attach. Tie closed with twine or hemp cord. Stuff yourself with any leftover treats before your family know they exist.

Thanks to Lexy for wrapping these so the corners laid flat.

images: Yan Photo

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