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operation cardigan complete is my fave

February 28, 2011 // 0 Comments

Screen shot 2011-02-28 at 8.27.11 AM
day twenty-one
I told Ryan his whole finishing law school and taking the bar thing pales in comparison to the fact that I wore a different cardigan for 28 days straight. I mean come on, that takes work.

I always thought it was a little ridiculous when celebrities (or maybe just Lauren Conrad) said that they took photos of themselves before they went out because they didn’t trust mirrors. I don’t think that’s so silly anymore. I learned a lot from looking at the photos everyday, mostly what really works and what doesn’t. I felt a bit like I was on the Devil Wears Prada and I was Meryl Streep telling Anne Hatheway that she has no style. Except I was both of them.

Here’s what I learned:
– I dress super boring.
– Accessorizing always helps, unless it’s a hemp necklace with a peace sign.
– I need a better full length mirror.
– I may be the sole reason the Old Navy near me stays open.
– Be careful with horizontal stripes. The wider the stripe and further apart they are, the more dangerous.
– When in doubt, belt it.
– Dressing for your shape is the #1 rule.

The next steps in the great closet overhaul of 2011:
– Keep. Toss. Donate.
– Be more aware of what works and what doesn’t on my shape. Three quarter sleeves and scoop necks are my best friends. Crew necks and cap sleeves are not.
– Dress up more. Don’t save the best items for the rare occasions. It’s like never using the nice silverware.
– Shop with the mentality of a French woman.
– Play with opposites: “When women look at other women who are stylish, what they always notice is the play of opposites: It’s the trenchcoat over the sequined shift. What’s so appealing is dressing like you didn’t stress over it.” – Michael Kors

28 days of cardigans is my fave

February 1, 2011 // 0 Comments

So, I’m taking slow steps in editing my closet. The first thing I looked at was my cardigans. I’ve long declared my love for them and didn’t quite realize that the count had crept up to twenty-eight — and there may be a couple that I haven’t found yet! I know I need to edit them down to make my resolution come to pass but I’m having a hard time just dumping the collection. As an ode to what I’ve accumulated (and to make the edit a little easier), I’m wearing one everyday of February. To keep me to this resolve, I’ll be posting a photo of the daily cardigan on my Flickr stream. They’ll be headless photos because I don’t want anyone to believe that I’m delusional enough to consider myself an excellent poser/model/non-eye-closer.

Since it’s already February 3rd, I’ve already posted the first three days:
day one
day two
day three

I won’t cry if you never look at them, it’s more for my own record and sentimental farewell to some (definitely not all) of them.

I hope you don’t mind if I do a The Big Closet Edit/Quality Over Quantity report every now and again. It will help me stay on track. I’ve already veered people, already veered.

An ode to the cardigan is my fave

October 27, 2009 // 37 Comments

Forever stripey, I love you and your v-neck fit.
Turquoise cardigan, I love you because you’re slightly grandpa-ish.
Sparkle cardigan, I love you because you shimmer.
Cozy cardigan, I love you when I’m sipping cocoa in a log cabin but I’m embarrassed you’re from Abercrombie. (seen on Bliss)
Picture 2
Open cardigan, I love you because you would go with everything.
Wrap cardigan, I love you because of your flattering cut.
Picture 3
Embellished cardigan, I love you because you’re just so darn pretty. Why do you have to be sold out?
(Who’s going to make a look alike and post a tutorial?)

Ruffle cardigan, I love you and your ruffles of course.

A cardigan with a high waisted skirt and patterned tights is my fave

September 28, 2009 // 19 Comments

Picture 1

Ryan and I play this game when we get the JCrew catalog – we look through it, pick out our favorite outfit and then guess what the other one picked out. Don’t you just want to hang out with us? Our lives are beyond exciting.

Cardigans are my fave

July 11, 2008 // 5 Comments

Conversation with myself in the car yesterday after pining over this gem of a cardigan for over two weeks now:

Should I buy the cardigan? I don’t know, you’ve been thinking about it for a while now. But I have like 10 cardigans already. But I don’t have a white short sleeve one and it’s so cute. What would I wear it with? Like everything, what wouldn’t it go with? But I really don’t want to pay for shipping. It’s really not that much. Would it really make you happy? I don’t know, the model looks pretty darn happy. Is it really worth it? I would just look really cute in it but nobody else would probably notice it and who do I try to impress anyway? I try to impress Ryan. But if you sport this little number he’s just going to be focusing on how you bought another new item of clothing and wondering how much it cost instead of thinking about how good you look. Yeah, you’re probably right.

Yet I’m still thinking about it today. I’m guessing my indecisiveness will come in handy and by the time I decide to actually buy it, it won’t be available anymore. What is it with cardigans? I just can’t get enough. I’m even wearing one as I type this. Oh the insanity!

fall in a box is my fave

October 12, 2012 // 1 Comment

Five ways to relish in fall this weekend:
1. Organize your cardigan collection by color
2. Bake every treat you’ve ever pinned
3. Line your walkway with pumpkins
4. Change out all your white socks with patterned ones
5. Knit a massive doily for the couch

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sources: Sycamore Street Press fox card, handmade bunting (gifted), everything else from Target

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