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confetti invitations are my fave

December 19, 2011 // 1 Comment

To finish up YAMF Project Holiday 2011, this week I’ll be sharing a few New Year’s Eve party ideas. Although I think it’s a bit of an overrated holiday, I always love an excuse to incorporate confetti. These invitations are super simple, I whipped them up in about 30 minutes. Disclosure: I’m in no way a graphic designer or any type of designer for that matter.

To make your own confetti invitations you’ll need:
– glassine envelopes (check Etsy or a paper supply store)
– printer
– confetti

Design your invitation text on the computer program of your choosing then print onto your envelopes. I do this by first printing the design on paper then aligning the envelope with the text, taping it on and running it through again. Fill envelopes with confetti and seal with tape. Rent a confetti cannon and when your invitees answer the door, shoot it off. They will love that.

party in a box is my fave (giveaway!)

February 20, 2013 // 347 Comments

This week I’m posting five different in-a-boxes and each one will be available for you to win. Today’s box features a logo designed by Megan of both the The Fresh Exchange and has everything you need to throw a hopping bash.

you are my fave: party in a box

you are my fave: party in a box

you are my fave: party in a box

you are my fave: party in a box

you are my fave: party in a box


To be eligible to win all you need to do before Friday, February 22nd is:
– Comment on this post complimenting me on what a great job I’ve done for 5 years (or a simple “pick me!” will suffice)
– For additional entries: like YAMF on Facebook, tweet a link to this post using the hashtag #youaremyfaveturns5, pin one of the photos directly from the post, and/or check out my feed on instagram to re-gram a photo of the box

Winner will be chosen randomly and then contacted by me via email.

Whether you’ve been a reader for five years or five minutes, thanks!

sources: felt ball garland from Land of Nod (no longer available), Rifle Paper Co invitations, party cups, Confetti System party hat, Make Your Own Banner kit, cupcake mix, all the rest is from Target

a birthday party in a box is my fave (round 2)

March 17, 2011 // 2 Comments

I thought it was time to update the birthday in a box since the birthday season in my family is quickly approaching. I started with a box with one of those magnetized lids. It originally had the word Accessorize! on the front with flourishes and a cheesy illustration of a pearl necklace, high heels and clutch. (I know you’re wondering why I would cover that up since it sounds purely awesome. Don’t worry, I bought a second one to display on my non-existant coffee table.) I spray painted the box and covered the lid with a piece of polka dot paper and a mini happy birthday garland. Then I filled it with all the goodies.

The contents:
– a birthday crown (the classic Burger King one covered with paper)
– big round balloons
– felt ball garland
– yellow polka dot mini plates (found at Target last year)
– wooden forks
– party invites from Rifle Paper Company
– beeswax candles
– handmade cupcake toppers
– cupcake liners
– jimmies
– repackaged cake mix
– felt number flags
– glassine bags of confetti
– muslin favor bags

I feel like ending the post with a stir the pot dance move but the word equivalent to that would be boomshakalaka and that’s kind of embarrassing. But not embarrassing enough that I didn’t just write it. Boomshakalaka my friends, boomshakalaka.

photos: Leslie Tippetts

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